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Clippy Trivago Video

Remember Clippy? That animated paper clip thing that zipped around trying to offer help with Microsoft Office?
He was as annoying as is the Trivago commercial guy.
Here is something else I find annoying. I click on a link to an interesting …

How Active are Canadians on Social Media?

How active are Canadians on Social Media? To get an idea, I did a bit of online research, focusing on three platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Some rudimentary figures turned out to be quite interesting: Canada has a population of …

Step Right Up! Buy Your “Likes”!

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. I received an email that announced – unabashedly – “Increase Facebook likes, Twitter followers and YouTube Viewers”.
So here’s what they will do. For fifty dollars, they will get you 1000 Facebook “likes”, …

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Fresh New Paint in our Office

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make an office look nice and modern. Our old green was “so 2008, so 2000 and late”, as the song said.

What Happened to Windows 9?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows, going from Version 8 to 10, and the quick answer to my question is another question: “Why should you expect a Windows 9? When was …

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